[Market-farming] RE Milk for powdery mildew

Juanita Garcia nitag at ev1.net
Thu Sep 22 19:01:35 EDT 2005

The formula for this spray is 1/4 cup milk (and you can use
reconstituted powdered milk as well) for every gallon of water. Spray
the plants, taking care to try to get the undersides and stems. I like
to do this early in the morning, since it gives the plants a chance to
dry out during the day.

I'm in Austin TX and it's very humid and hot here; this spray has really
helped on the powdery mildew. I've also tried it on the tomato plants -
it's not as effective on the fungi they get, but it does seem to slow it
down a bit. I've also sprayed this on snow pea and sugar snap plants,
and had some success with them as well.

Juanita Garcia
Garcia Eggs & Herbs
Leander TX

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