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road's end farm organic101 at linkny.com
Tue Sep 20 09:22:18 EDT 2005

On Sep 20, 2005, at 7:52 AM, GreenMrkt at aol.com wrote:

> What i've been hearing around new england is that most folks had a 
> hard time with tomatllos this year. It's even been difficult to find 
> them on the wholesale produce markets.  

Mine have been doing well all season. They have had some irrigation; 
sometimes not what I would have thought was enough, due to inadequate 
water supplies.

I've had really erratic results with different strains of tomatillo 
seed. Probably the strain that does well in one place may not in 
another; but sometimes I've re-ordered what I thought was the same 
strain but had different results. Last year and this I've used E&R's 
strain, which they just call "Green"; they're larger than others I've 
tried, and did well both years. Both years this was the same seed 
batch. We'll see what happens next year when I order new seed.

-- Rivka; Finger Lakes NY, Zone 5 mostly
Fresh-market organic produce, small scale

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