[Market-farming] Carrot Germination

Pat Rupiper arupiper at bright.net
Tue Sep 20 05:43:54 EDT 2005

To germinate those fine seeds during the drought and heat that most of us in 
zone 5/6 suffered, I dampen the soil, make a small trench (about 1 in deep), 
plant the seeds on the trench and cover with loose compost to the correct 
depth. Then I put wet burlap on the seed bed (I soak it in a bucket). I put 
suspend shade cloth over the top. The burlap holds the moisture better and 
gives me a visual clue to water (usually in the 90's I water morning and 
late afternoon.). In 3 to 5 days the carrots, lettuce, spinach, etc. have 
sprouted and I can take off the burlap. I plant in manageable 3 x 5 foot 
sections, so far this has worked wonders. I have been doing it for several 
years. Good luck. Try planting the carrots again this way if you have the 
seed, just be ready to put under cover cloth by October. Pat Rupiper zone 6 
Southern Ohio 

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