[Market-farming] time to put 'em to work?

Old Timin' oldtimin at williams-net.com
Thu Sep 15 14:46:30 EDT 2005

I have also just this year started working with draft animals. I have a 
great belgiun mare that I use now. I also have a mammoth jack donkey that I 
plan to breed to my mare and make mules with. I hope to use my mare to train 
my mule to work also. I find them far more enjoyable that engine powered 
equipment. If you just look at speed they are not the best method. It is 
when you look at their other traits that their advantages come out. You can 
work the soil much earlier with animals, they are quieter, anything that 
leaks out of them in the field is good for the soil, they make fertilizer 
for you and can help make their own fuel, they come out to greet you when 
you go out to them,they smell better IMHO, and they can do many other non 
gardening things, like pleasure riding etc..

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