[Market-farming] time to put 'em to work?

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Thu Sep 15 13:58:06 EDT 2005

Willie,  You just hit on my current passion!  Hayburners sitting idle is not
using the full potential of my stock.  Since we have decided to buy a trail
horse and a mule this year, we are seeking a team or a mule that
rides/pulls/logs/farms and a riding horse.  I am tired of dragging hay down
to the corral!  Why not let the hayburners do it!  And pull in some firewood

We have been wanting to do this, but we only now have the labor, money, and
time to really put the effort in to get started.  We now have use of a great
trailer and will be looking for a bigger (pulling power) pick-up. I am so
excited!  Going to a Draft/Mule show next week.  Maybe I will come home with
something, uh, someone and a harness??? hee-hee

I have come across some Peace Corp references of working with animals and
making animal powered farm equipment.  Nothing too great as I am just
starting the search in that area.  Anyone with these pamphlets or bulletins,
please post the urls!  Of course, we won't work our stock like they do in
third world and will adjust the equipment to the comfort of the animal.  But
some of these simple designs can be a good start for a novice.

I would be concerned about the cleanliness of a burro around veggies or what
your insurance agent and buyers may feel about burro poo around that area.
You might want to invest in a poo bag.  We do mostly livestock with a small
market garden on the side.  But I hope to deliver some things by mule and
cart next year!

Anyone in the Northern MT/ID area with a good mule for sale, please contact
me offlist.  Also need a trail horse that maybe also pulls??!

Rural Heritage is a good start.  They have a great forum on their website.
I am learning alot from the list there.  Try "animal traction or animal
power or animal draft power" in a search engine for more information.  Also
try  Wild Horse and Burro adoptions site, I think it is KBR ranch or
something like that.  They have great ideas on working with burros and
training methods.

Here is a fun site that describes many horse related things such as a Fresno
(among many other topics): http://www.uh.edu/engines/1-49.htm  Try looking
for some of Lynn Miller books on ebay.  It is mostly for farming with draft
horses, but it is a start.

Anyone want to discuss this further off-list, please contact me.  I would be
happy to start a yahoo group on the subject if interested.  Anyone
interesting in joining if I start a "Farming/Logging With Horses/Mules (and
donkeys and burros) list?

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