[Market-farming] time to put 'em to work?

Vint Lawrence vlawrence at nets.com
Wed Sep 14 14:20:43 EDT 2005

Check out The Small Farmers Journal.
It will have the resources that you are looking for.
Their website is smallfarmersjournal.com
They have listings for courses, animals, equipment, etc.
The Journal itself is a great read as well.

Best of luck,
Vint Lawrence

Willie McKemie wrote:

>With increased fuel prices, I've been pondering using my burros to pull 
>a cart for general around the farm hauling.  I typically haul picked 
>produce about 1/2 mile to the packing shed and then haul picking 
>containers back out.  My labor can not drive my trucks, but they could 
>use a burro cart; spending less of my time driving around is an added 
>Anyone know where a complete livestock novice might find harnesses or 
>whatever else is needed?  I can probably fabricate a cart, but I would 
>also be interested in an off the self item.

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