[Market-farming] getting a new farm insured

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Wed Sep 14 04:49:24 EDT 2005

Brigette Leach wrote:

> I'm curious to know what state you are in Lucy.

And we are in the process of getting insured for the farm by state farm 
(they have no argument that we are farmers and we have 10 years of 
records and IRS F forms to prove we do indeed farm for a living) but it 
seems out agent is a doofus and for some reason my husband (whose name 
all the policies are in right now) will not drop this guy and go with 
another state farm agent in the area who is much much better. And right 
now I will not ask him to do so as he has more than enough on his plate 
moving a whole farm while still trying to do farmers' markets along with 
  daily surprises (yesterday we discovered a gas leak and had to get the 
natural gas line taken out and service shut down which means we now have 
to buy a new heating system before it gets cold-will likely get a wood 
furnace, cheaper and far safer than natural gas IMHO).

Moving one's farming operations in September is not easy and I do not 
know what we will do when all the refrigeration leaves the land where we 
are harvesting and goes to its' new home where we have no crops growing. 
it will make harvest days more complicated, that;s fer sure.

Lucy Goodman
Boulder Belt Farm
Eaton, OH

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