[Market-farming] getting a new farm insured

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Tue Sep 13 21:46:50 EDT 2005

> >Our society/cultural tells us we "need" insurance.  Much in the way that 
> >it tells us that we need oversized, overpowered, inefficient vehicles.  
> >Fact is, insurance companies take in as premiums approximately twice 
> >the amount that they pay out as claims.  When you pay your premium, you 
> >are paying for a lot of overhead, not just your share of average 
> >losses.  My suggestion: closely examine your "need" for insurance.
> >
> Willie,
> What factual information are you basing this statement on?
> Brigette

50% is a number that's been stuck in my mind for many years.  It's 
origin is lost in the mists of time.  Probably from automotive 
insurance.  How efficient do you believe insurance is?

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