[Market-farming] Farmers Market Info needed

Brigette Leach avalonfarmshomegrown at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 13 20:25:41 EDT 2005

JaMaKaEnterprise at aol.com wrote:

> Good Morning,
> I have been asked to start a Farmers Market here in our popping at the 
> seams town in So. CA.
> Any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I am 
> meeting with the head of my local Farm Bureau today as they will be 
> heading the market up.
> I have so many questions for her but am looking for ideas on starting 
> the market, getting vendors as we aren't ag friendly here (we are a 
> desert community), I have the market rules for CA. and what I could 
> fing in AOL search but I would like personal info especially from 
> those of you that have started and run a market.
> Thank You for any info/help you can give me.
> You can email me at JaMaKaEnterprise at aol.com 
> <mailto:JaMaKaEnterprise at aol.com>
> Have a good day,
> MaryKay Reichard
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One of the best publications I've seen is the New Farmer's Market by 
Corum, Rosenweig,,and Gibson. Can't remember where I ordered my copy 
from but the book is published by Chelsea Green Publishing, 

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