[Market-farming] Berry prices?

Sue Oberle sue at oberlebotanical.com
Fri Sep 9 16:13:57 EDT 2005

I'm doing 3.50 too, but am going to move to 4.00. They're moving way to 
fast...Fort Collins, CO.
Sue Oberle
Fort Collins, Colorado
sue at oberlebotanical dot com

Jennifer Albert wrote:

>For raspberry growers:
>How much are you selling your raspberries for at farmers' markets?
>I'm doing flat half-pints (meaning flat with the top of the fiber 
>container), putting clear plastic covers on and a rubber band around. I get 
>$3.50 for each box, but there are several vendors who are selling the same 
>for $5.
>But that's $anta Fe for you.
>Jenny in Northern New Mexico 
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