[Market-farming] Pelleted Seeds

TxBeeFarmer txbeefarmer at hotpop.com
Wed Nov 30 15:40:39 EST 2005

Don't think the sand is such a good idea unless you are using a grain drill 
or sling/broadcaster.  The sand will chew up most planters.  If I were to 
plant such small seeds, I'd put it in a slinger with some sand.  Then, after 
it started to come up, I'd come through with a set of sweeps and make rows. 
Just another idea.

Mark (West Texas - Zone 7b)

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>> far as the pelleted seed, we found that our earthway ground up the
>> pellets on the lettuce too much and we didn't get the desired result.
> I, too, have had the Earthway chew up pellets.  The Glaser works well
> for small seed.  PlanetJrs handle pelleted seed fairly well.
> The dead seed sounds like a good idea.  If you can find uniform sand of
> the right size, that may do the same.
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