[Market-farming] humus-intensive, soil building contacts

Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Wed Nov 30 15:09:52 EST 2005

Hello Paul -

Yes, the topics you ask about are well known and organized.

However, as usual, before compiling resources and explanatory
notes it is helpful to understand what "you" are thinking
of in terms of biologically intensive plantings.  

What are the bed dimensions, crop spacings, and field layouts
that you are employing or that you wish to employ, that match your
definition of bio-intensive.  Do they follow the traditional
biointensive methods of John Jeavons, or modified versions
that you have in mind.   In my view, a broadfork
is more viable than double digging.  I've seen intensively
planted beds prepared with a spading machine, it all
depends on the scale of production and appropriate tools.

Likewise, what kind of humus-intensive systems have
you looked into already.

Imagine that others cannot read your mind and use remote viewing
techniques to psychically see your green fields and bed layouts,
but alas there are indeed old timers among us who can't see what
you're talkin' 'bout until you lay it out.

Steve Diver

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