[Market-farming] humus-intensive, soil building contacts

David Tannen david at centerville.net
Wed Nov 30 14:54:47 EST 2005

Yes, absolutley!  This is my first year to farm full time.  I have been part 
time for the past 3 years and kitchen gardening previously.

I seem to be more and more drawn to growing using sustainable methods.  I 
grow using organic methods, but am not certified.  I try to follow the John 
Jeavon's methods, but am just now beginning a concentrated system of soil 

I could use a lot of help and advice.

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> That's a possibility, though I've already got two dozen responses from all 
> over, just overnight (people must stay up late) and that kind of 
> discussion would probably invite a lot of confusion and dissent from those 
> who aren't interested in following it. Should I arrange a separate list 
> for soil building and intensive growing? It's hardly the standard way of 
> growing.
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> On 11/30/2005 at 9:41 AM Nan Johnson wrote:
>>I agree with Marty that it sounds good for this listserve also, with that
>>subject line someone could delete it easily if not interested....
>>nan at dancing goats farm, n. mississippi zone 7b
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