[Market-farming] Pelleted Seeds

Mike Emers rosie-ck at mosquitonet.com
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Hi Kelly

Try this.  Take some old seed and bake it in the oven for a little
while.  It will, of course, kill them.  Then mix them in with the new
seed and you'll have to do much less thinning.  We did this with our
2000 row feet turnips last season and we have to thin way way less.  As
far as the pelleted seed, we found that our earthway ground up the
pellets on the lettuce too much and we didn't get the desired result.
We also stay away from pelleted seed because many aren't approved for
organic production and they are slower to germinate in our cold soils.

Mike Emers
Rosie Creek Farm
Ester, Alaska

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Hi All,

I wanted to get folk's opinion on pelleted seeds.  I use a walk-behind 
Earthway seeder at my farm and it does a pretty darn good job for most 
everything, with the exception of turnips, rutabaga and other
seeds that need room to develop.  As a result, I spend a TON of time 
thinning.  I've heard of pelleted seeds, but haven't ever tried them.
you think this would help remedy the shortcomings of the Earthway seeder
brassica-sized seeds.  Also, I've heard that pelleted seeds sometimes
germination problems...is this true?  And if so, would they we
worthwhile to 

Thanks for your advice,

Kelly Saxer
Desert Roots Farm
Queen Creek, AZ

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