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Mark wrote " What is your opinion of the 20 x 48 unit that atlas sells? wonder how much propane it takes to heat that critter."

We have an Atlas 30 X 48' greenhouse.  Bought it used 3 years ago, and it was either 10 or 12 years old when we bought it.  We took it down, and when we reassembled it, we drove in new ground anchor stakes and put on new toe-boards, but we could have used the old ones.  It looks brand new!  We use it for raising transplants and some ornamentals, and in a typical winter season here in South Central KY, 1 - 500 gallon tank of propane will last the whole season, if you keep it cool (under 50).  I think cool temperatures raise nicer transplants, but it does require something like germination mats to get seeds up and growing.  I continue to be impressed with the quality of material used by Atlas, (we now have 3 - RT 20 X 96 high tunnels) and by the terrific customer service.  With them being located in Georgia, and the cost of freight being what it is, they make a lot of sense for southern growers.

Ah, yes.  New toys.  Bought an IH 784 equipped with a Bush Hog quick attach front end loader 3 years ago.  Traded Alison's little IH 354 in on it.  So since then, we've been arguing over who's 784 it is.  I love the loader on that tractor.  Trimmed oak trees this past weekend that had grown over the years and were shading one of our green houses.  Like a fool, I had Alison driving the tractor while I worked out of the bucket.  Now she claims that that is proof the 784 must be hers!  Of course, the fact that she "doesn't do" chain saws doesn't seem to hold much weight in this argument.  But that 140 is so sweet, I guess I can let her believe what she wants!  When we bought the 140, all I had to do was change fluids and I need to replace the positive battery cable (it isn't making a good connection on the post, and although a vise-grips works fine, a new cable would look so much better!)  

Paul and Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm (where it feels colder out than it looks, so I'm not out working like I should be!)
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      Congrats on the new tractor : ) aint new toys great. I am looking seriously at a bcs 852 and planning on building at least one high tunnel this comeing year, and maybe a green house . What is your opinion of the 20 x 48 unit that atlas sells? wonder how much propane it takes to heat that critter. Hope all is well with you all and the winds havent give you much trouble lately

  Mark A Abner

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