[Market-farming] What's the best cultivating tractor?

MARK A. ABNER wizard1 at kih.net
Tue Nov 29 12:41:25 EST 2005

    Congrats on the new tractor : ) aint new toys great. I am looking seriously at a bcs 852 and planning on building at least one high tunnel this comeing year, and maybe a green house . What is your opinion of the 20 x 48 unit that atlas sells? wonder how much propane it takes to heat that critter. Hope all is well with you all and the winds havent give you much trouble lately

Mark A Abner
BriarPatch Farms
Ritner KY

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We just picked up an IH 140 tractor for under $2000.00  IH made a number of offset tractors, such as their "A", "Super A" and 140's, along with some others.  I think these 3 models were their most popular.  With so many tobacco farmers getting out of the business, it's easier finding these for sale.  We actually bought it on eBay (!?!?!?!!!!!), and I would rate it at good+.  Sheet metal is straight.  Starts easy at the turn of a key.  Hydraulics work fine.  And it's easy to work on and parts are readily available.

Paul and Alison Wiediger
Au Naturel Farm, Rocky Hill, KY 
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Any of the offsets will do. Offset tractors are a must have item for anybody
growing more than three acres... Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.
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