[Market-farming] Pamela Kingfisher

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Wed Nov 23 15:36:00 EST 2005

>> Pamela Kingfisher addressed this in her talk.  I wish I'd taken better
> notes
> but it was later Sunday morning and I was ready to hit the road to drive
> home.  One of the things she said was that we need to start talking to
> some
> of these men who are in power as though they are our husbands or sons.
> She
> said they need to hear a message similar to "smarten up."  Hopefully
> someone
> else who was there will remember her words better than I do and reply.
> You did well, Robin...It is our time to be the Grandmothers....the Corn
Maidens...it is our time speak....
The two speechs of "Frankie" and Pamela warmed my soul and will help carry
me through the next several decades of toil....at least now I know of the
existence of the community of spirit.

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