[Market-farming] read anything good lately?

Robin Follette marketfarmers at thymeforewe.com
Wed Nov 23 09:44:14 EST 2005

It is good.  I heard Frances speak last month.  Her powerful presence and 
enthusiasm are contagious.  She's the best speaker I've ever heard.

The book covers a lot.  She writes about closed businesses and government; 
letting a small group of people make important decisions for our country. 
"It's a symptom of thin democracy, something done to us or for us, not by or 
with us.  Such democracy is always at risk of being stolen by private 
interests or extremist groups, left and right."

She talks about our food supply even on such a small scale as school 
gardens.  I'm a school gardener.  I grow food with the kids at my daughter's 
school, so this particularly interested me.  She also writes about sweat 
shops, alternative energy, community farming and much more.

Robin Follette
www.thymeforewe.com  zone 4

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      It sounds good - can you tell in a few sentences what the gyst of the 
book is?

                  Jill Bussiere, Wisconsin
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    I'm reading Democracy's Edge by Frances Moore Lappe (Diet For A Small 
Planet).  Very interesting.

    Robin Follette
    www.thymeforewe.com  zone 4


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