[Market-farming] Good Book - The One Straw Revolution

Craig Gilbert GarlicBed at Comcast.net
Tue Nov 22 20:20:26 EST 2005

Title:  The One Straw Revolution
Author: Masanobu Fukoka 

It is about a Japanese scientist who leaves the lab to go back to all natural rice and grain farming. All the inconsistencies of government programs, extension agents, and chemical companies re-framed into a Japanese farming world. Many insights into natural farming.  good read.

It has been published by Rodale and I believe others. I bought a copy on EBay from New Zealand for approx $12.00 US.  Fast delivery, easy transaction

Craig Gilbert

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> Hi all,
>    I'm in the mood to subscribe to some new farm and vegetable magazines as
> well as to read some good new books this winter.  Any suggestions? I already
> subscribe to "Growing for Market" and "Acres USA."  In regards to books...
> I'm hungry for something that I can really sink my teeth into-- something
> that will excite me as much as Elliot Coleman and Vern Grubinger did when I
> first began farming.  Also, perhaps something about the "big picture idea"
> of farming--similar to Richard Manning. Perhaps there are some other
> publishers out there similar to Chelsea Green that I am unaware of.
> --Gary Brever
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