[Market-farming] read anything good lately?

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Tue Nov 22 12:13:26 EST 2005

Strongly recommend the classic of classics, The Soil And Health, Sir Albert Howard. In my view nothing since has equalled his research and reach, for the details and big picture. Small farmers struggling with their bottom line and methods need his insights, as well as modern "civilization" in general. All the people you mention - and some you didn't like Rodale - only built on his work. 

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On 11/22/2005 at 10:31 AM Ploughshare wrote:

>Hi all,
>    I'm in the mood to subscribe to some new farm and vegetable magazines
>well as to read some good new books this winter.  Any suggestions? I
>subscribe to "Growing for Market" and "Acres USA."  In regards to books...
>I'm hungry for something that I can really sink my teeth into-- something
>that will excite me as much as Elliot Coleman and Vern Grubinger did when I
>first began farming.  Also, perhaps something about the "big picture idea"
>of farming--similar to Richard Manning. Perhaps there are some other
>publishers out there similar to Chelsea Green that I am unaware of.
>--Gary Brever

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