[Market-farming] high wheel vs. wheel hoe

Christine & Marlin glenecofarm at planetcomm.net
Mon Nov 21 15:07:27 EST 2005




Has anyone compared the glaser wheel hoe to a high wheel cultivator. The 

high wheels come with stirrup hoes now. I can see where the glaser is 

better, but with the glaser being aroung $300 plus accessories and the high 

wheel being $75 with accessories I just wonder if it is enough better to 

justify the cost.



You might want to look into getting the Maxadine Wheel Hoe.  It's made in
Minnesota and can be ordered from Glacier Valley Enterprises or ordered
online from the Maxadine website. Mine cost $140 plus shipping.  It appears
to be well made but it doesn't include much in accessories.  However the
tool mounting mechanism is very simple and the two attachments that do come
with it, a sweep type stirrup hoe and a deep digger, are mounted with a
single bolt and wing nut. A furrowing attachment can be ordered for an
additional $35.  It wouldn't be hard to fabricate your own accessories for
this tool.


Marlin Burkholder

Glen Eco Farm



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