robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Sun Nov 13 13:29:07 EST 2005

Mark, I can sell the greenhouse pipe frame as a greenhouse for what I paid for
it. The hoops are up to 20 years old but are almost good as new. The hoops back
then were half the cost of today. Demand for hoops around here is very good
because of our large nursery industry.
Beth's idea for bending is very good though its hard to get every hoop to look
alike. There once was a guy down the road from me who built simple 3 wheel pipe
benders that sold for $120. He advertised nationally and sold them by the
thousands. I always figured I could get one anytime I wanted, then the guy died
and so went the pipe benders. This is an item anyone on this list interested in
building  hoophouses should keep an eye out for... Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

TxBeeFarmer wrote:

> Thanks Beth, but Bob made the comment that he could sell the pipe for what
> he gave for it.  That made me think he made the hoops without bending
> somehow.
> Could you elaborate a little bit one the tennis ball in the knot trick.
> Can't quite see it.
> Thanks
> TxBeeFarmer
> Mark (West Texas - Zone 7b)
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> From: "Beth Spaugh" <lists at rhomestead.com>
> > 1. You bend the pipe. If you have a hay wagon you can put blocks on it to
> > use as a form.
> >
> > 2. Make the tunnel shorter than the plastic so that you gather the plastic
> > at the end, and tie to a stake. Inserting a tennis ball in the end helps
> > make a secure knot. Then you raise an edge and slip under to work or
> > ventilate.
> >
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> > Peru NY 12972
> > rhomestead.com
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