[Market-farming] garlic spacing -- onion root maggots

Alliums garlicgrower at green-logic.com
Mon Nov 7 08:53:35 EST 2005

Hi, Folks!

Leigh wrote:

<<However this last year I 
lost about a third of my crop due to onion root maggots. >>

I can't remember where onion root maggots come from, but my thought is that
they came in from elsewhere (infested onion sets?) and attacked whatever
alliums they could find.

Also, are you sure they were onion root maggots?  I've had problems with
wireworms the year after I convert any turf to a growing bed for garlic.
The next year, no wireworms, but converting turf to garlic always seems to
give problems the first year.

<<I suspect the mulch was a great place for the flies 
to lay their eggs.  What do you think? >>

I don't think it was the mulch, per say -- I think somehow you got them and
they went for the available allium.  

<<this next year I was thinking 
about putting down row covers in March before the last frost.>>  

That seems like an awful lot of work for garlic.  Are there any other
controls for onion root maggots?

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