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Agree that's pushing it, esp since garlic is a heavy feeder as you say. What I was driving at is the matter of soil fertility and structure. The more intensive we grow, the more critical the soil condition becomes. And we can grow far more in less space if we respect the requirements for the healthiest soil. Otherwise people can grow any way they please or wear out the soil with NPK if they don't care or don't know better. Commercial growing has eroded or worn out half our best topsoil over recent decades. No secret there.

To support the heaviest production and most nutritious produce, soil needs sufficient nitrogen to decompose sufficient organic matter (and time above 60 degrees), and this needs to be a continuous process from stable  nitrogen-bearing organic sources that don't leach out and need re-dosing every three months. During this process the soil needs the full range of secondary nutrients and trace minerals for the humic acid being produced to chelate those minerals into stable forms that microbes can use to feed plant roots. This results in particle aggregation and the loose, moisture retentive soil that plants love. Proper balance of these elements and time builds the healthy soil for the kind of production that other growers won't believe. You don't need to "get big or get out". You need healthy soil for healthy people. Research on these things is available online if you want sources from me offlist. 

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On 11/5/2005 at 5:38 AM Marty Kraft wrote:

>I'm new as gardeners go. I have been told that garlic is a heavy 
>feeder. I am planting cloves very close together. It seemed to make 
>sense to use an organic fertilizer if I ask so much of the soil. I am 
>open to suggestions.
>Marty Kraft
>On Nov 4, 2005, at 7:25 PM, Tradingpost wrote:
>> As a matter of curiosity, what's wrong with the soil that it needs 
>> fertilizing?
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>> On 11/4/2005 at 4:36 PM Marty Kraft wrote:
>>> I planted nine per square foot and they looked pretty good. The 
>>> problem
>>> is I haven't been growing garlic long so do not know what to expect. I
>>> would fertilize well and plant in October not at Christmas time like I
>>> did last time.
>>> Marty Kraft
>>> On Nov 4, 2005, at 11:59 AM, Goodwill at Homefields Farm wrote:
>>>> we planted hardnecks: triple row in a 36" bed.  will mulch and report
>>>> back
>>>> next summer.
>>>> thanks,
>>>> Scott
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