[Market-farming] garlic spacing

Leigh Hauter bullrun at arczip.com
Fri Nov 4 19:20:17 EST 2005

Allan wrote:

>  I mulch thickly with wheat straw. I NEVER have to weed.
>Never. It's just not an issue. Mulch is thick, but garlic comes right
>through. I couldn't plant garlic biointensively if weeding was

Up until this year I've done the same and you are right, no weeds and 
the garlic grows right up through the mulch. However this last year I 
lost about a third of my crop due to onion root maggots. (I didn't 
even see it coming until the garlic started rotting in June and when 
you pulled up the garlic bulbs you could see that the roots weren't 
healthy at all)  I suspect the mulch was a great place for the flies 
to lay their eggs.  What do you think?  this next year I was thinking 
about putting down row covers in March before the last frost.  Any 
other ideas?

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