[Market-farming] garlic spacing

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Fri Nov 4 19:07:26 EST 2005

>5 rows across three feet, that's pretty impressive.  we are a training and
>employment program for persons w/ disabilities, so hoeing around/between
>garlic is a challenge for us.  am going to mulch well this year and leave
>it on, then hand weed instead of using the tine weeder and hoeing.  it
>cannot do any worse than in the past when we lost our garlic to the weeds
>and couldn't even find them at harvest time.  Thanks for sharing your methods!

I plant biointensively, 6 inches apart, put down two rows of drip on 
a 42inch bed. I mulch thickly with wheat straw. I NEVER have to weed. 
Never. It's just not an issue. Mulch is thick, but garlic comes right 
through. I couldn't plant garlic biointensively if weeding was 

Allan Balliett
Shepherdstown, WV

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