[Market-farming] Fence Posts

Kevin Wilson kevin.wilson100 at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 4 12:19:08 EST 2005

Little Joe wrote:
>The truth is starting to come out about treated wood.
>The stuff was treated with arsenic & chromium when it
>first came out & they advertized it as being
>completely safe. Now some of the treated wood web
>sites brag about using a product called ACQ to treat
>their wood...........

The information about CCA (chromium, copper, arsenic) treated wood has been 
out for a long time- OG magazine was campaigning strongly against it in the 
early 90s. The newer ACQ (ammoniated copper quat) stuff has no chromium or 
arsenic, just copper (like the Bordeaux mix we use on fruit trees) so it has 
to be safer, but who knows exactly how safe in the long term.

What are organic certifying bodies saying about ACQ wood? Are they accepting 
it as safe?

Fiddlers Farm, Powell River BC 

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