[Market-farming] Will this work?

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Eliot Coleman showed this is his book. I think it may be OK on smaller
spring/fall fieldhouses but I would not do it on a winter hoophouse. We
started using 20 foot lengths of PVC covered with plastic last spring, and
it is a challenge to keep the plastic on. We had good luck with shortening
the length of the temp hoophouses so that we could gather the ends of the
plastic at the ground and anchor a knot to a steel fencepost. Then we could
push the plastic up from the bottom to vent and it stayed up pretty well
just with friction of the twine that we had used to anchor it - again in The
New Organic Grower and others. I tried reusing short lengths crosswise and
couldn't get them to stay. I'd love to screw through the clips that they
advertise for anchoring plastic to PVC in small tunnels,  but I think the
plastic would just pull out in the first wind.

Beth Spaugh
Rehoboth Homestead
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Hi Folks,

We've been putting up our first hoophouses lately and have a question.

Have you ever tried laying lengths of plastic ACROSS the hoops instead of
lengthwise, attaching the ends on each side (by burying the ends or using
wiggle wire? I seem to remember seeing an example of this on the 'Net.) Each
piece overlapped on the next. For venting, they pushed the pieces apart and
held them there with some kind of rigid pole. 

We have some good pieces of used greenhouse plastic that are not wide enough
for our strucutre (12ft W X 40ft L). The pieces are 16 X 50 ft and 14 by 40
ft.Does anyone have any experience with this style? Does it work? Will the
first big wind take it away?

Thanks for your in-put.

Nova Scotia
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