[Market-farming] Grasshoppers!

Betsy Knutson betsy at gobigwest.com
Sat May 28 00:22:34 EDT 2005

I have used Nolo bait. It may be just coincidental, but the year I scattered
it out side the borders of my garden, I didn't see as many grasshoppers as
the previous year and the following year I saw very few at all.

I had a one pound container that I scattered in about a ten foot band on the
long side of the garden that is towards the grassy pasture and maybe a four
foot wide band on the other three sides. My garden is about 35 feet wide by
150 feet long so I spread it over roughly 2300 square feet. 

That was two years ago that I spread it in early spring, about the time the
grass hoppers were getting to the size mentioned. Hopefully they have shared
it amongst themselves and we won't see many this year either. I am prepared
to order a supply as soon as I see my first hoppers. (Nolo can't be stored
more than about 60 days one it is open, IIRC. Or maybe it was from when it
is manufactured/mixed? That I would have to check.)

Southern Idaho, USDA Zone 5

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> The grasshoppers are already everywhere. They're mostly small, 1/2 to 3/4
> inch long now. Making lace of some of the raspberry plants.
> What to do?
> Has anyone had success with Nolo Bait?
> How have you spread it?
> And at what rate?
> Jenny in Northern New Mexico
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