[Market-farming] RE: Asparagus and Weeds/ and GUINEAS

robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Fri May 27 16:04:41 EDT 2005

Animals walking and pooping amoung fresh vegetables is a no no.. One
chicken will spread more than 10 pounds of poop around your garden vegies
every month.
When chickens get into asparagus they dig into the crowns and damage next
years shoots... You might try spreading a very thick straw mulch in
winter after removing old stalks. I cut fresh asparagus below the mulch,
making a blanched and tender stalk... Bob.

Leigh Hauter wrote:

> I will concede that my experience with chickens and geese on
> asparagus was with freshly planted asparagus roots. not a well
> established field. I will take everyone's word for it and put some
> chickens on our older asparagus patch and see..
> Now, let's talk about guineas.
> I know, there are endless articles about how wonderful they are for
> eating your weed seed and insects  but I want to hear from you
> vegetable growers with guineas. Your guineas don't eat your broccoli?
> They don't damage your tomatoes?
> They don't peck at your peppers?
> I would like to hear from people who seriously grow vegetables and
> also have a dozen or so guineas running around. and are happy with
> the combination.
> At 8:12 AM -0500 5/27/05, Marie Kamphefner wrote:
> >Regards to the list:
> >
> >I have seen our chickens and guineas jump up and eat beetles off the
> >asparagus.  I've never seen them eat any asparagus.
> >
> >We mow between the asparagus rows.
> >
> >Marie in Missouri
> >
> >
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