[Market-farming] Grasshoppers

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Thu May 26 19:42:20 EDT 2005

If you are not organic,  Texas A & M University has a simple formula for 
bait using wheat bran, sevin dust and Molasses.  It works...

      Homemade Grasshopper Bait Recipe*
      20lb Wheat Bran 2 Gallons Water
      1 Qt. Cottonseed or Other Vegetable Oil 1 Qt. Molasses
      1 Qt. Flowable (Liquid) Sevin or Sevin XLR Large Rubber or Metal Tub 
(For mixing)
      Mixing Instructions:

        1.. Mix Molasses, Water and Vegetable Oil together in a suitable 
container (bucket, etc).
        2.. Add 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap to emulsify the oil and 
water mixture together.
        3.. Mix the liquid Sevin into the oil/water mixture, stirring well.
        4.. Slowly add the water mixture to the wheat bran in a tub or other 
suitable container and mix together. Allow this mixture to sit for 24 hours 
to allow the wheat bran to absorb the liquids.
        5.. Stir the bait after the soak period. Apply the bait in small 
piles around fruit trees, garden areas and other places where grasshoppers 
are causing problems.
        6.. This bait works better on young grasshoppers, but works on large 
ones as well.

>> Has anyone had success with Nolo Bait?
> Since it is so slow acting, it is probably not possible to tell.

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