[Market-farming] Re:Garlic tops

Guy Clark guyclark at socket.net
Thu May 26 10:20:02 EDT 2005


Yes, I bunch them in bunches of twenty or so and sell them for $1.25.
Mine are just showing and I will take them off as soon as they are six
inches or so long. Supposedly the longer you leave them on the smaller
your bulbs will be. As they get a little bigger I put less per bunch.
Good second crop off of one planting. If you have a sizeable Asian
community, especially Chinese, they will sell very quickly. If you have
adventurous eaters just tell them they can use them like garlic and that
they are great on the grill with beef or chicken.

Also, any garlic I don't get dug I leave in the ground for garlic
scallions beginning in early April. Bunch them ten or so to a bunch,
depending on size and sell them for $1.25. Great for CSA.

Garlic sells for $1.25 per head.

Guy Clark
Fertile Crescent Farms
Columbia, MO

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