[Market-farming] Asparagus & weeds?

Margaret Wilson booldawgs at cavenet.com
Thu May 26 01:20:59 EDT 2005

I am going to try using discarded wool for mulch in my asparagus beds.  I
have a lot that I have collected from skirting the fleeces and quite a lot
more from ruined fleece.  I understand that it lasts a long time, is pretty
impenetrable and will also hold in the moisture.  It should not be used
anywhere that you are going to till cause it will tangle your tiller. It
definitely smothers out weeds anywhere it lies on the ground.  I am a little
concerned about mice and voles but hopefully the cats will take care of
them.   We just put in 200 roots
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> Hello, M-F!
>     I am thinking of asparagus as a crop in a bigger way, as our family
> patch grows so well here.  Many locals love asparagus, and very little is
> trucked into the nearest stores.  As this will take about three years to
> start producing - now is the time for a few questions!
>   I do not use herbides or pesticides, and clearly the weeds are my
> biggest problem in our current, small 125 plant patch.  As i do not have
> visions of planting out a large field and do my gardens with handwork, do
> any of you have suggestions on how to keep it more weed-free? I have used
> cardboard covered with thick mulch with some success and am wondering if
> that it the way to grow?  I am a bit wary, as this is snakey country and
> i found several hatched snake eggs under the coardboard last year!  Can a
> thick cover crop to smother out more of the weeds be used without
> competing with the asparagus for nutrients?
> So much to learn - and many thanks for your help along the way!
> This week, i have had mixed lettuces, spinach, pac choi, asparagus, and
> iris bouquets to sell........am happy with it all!
> Toni - starting  and staying smalltime  in  E. KY
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