[Market-farming] Going Squanto was Heirloom Tomatoes

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Tue May 24 07:31:45 EDT 2005

> I'd really like to hear what the rest of you put in your planting 
> holes, especially those of you using fertilizers.

I generally put a small handful of bone meal in each planting hole, 
mainly to control blossom end rot.  On land that had not been 
fertilized for recent previous crops, I will work in about 500 lb/ac of 
16-16-16 or similar pre-plant.
After they recover from transplant shock, I put 1/6-1/8 cup of 16-16-16 
half way between plants.  A few weeks later, the same amount of 46-0-0 
or 33-0-0 or 21-0-0.  And maybe (or maybe not) more nitrogen a few 
weeks later.  It seems almost impossible to give hybrids too much 

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