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In wet and/or humid conditions, we find we need to leave more room/air 
flow between plants to minimize disease problems.  We  also find it is 
better to prune off any bottom leaves that could touch ground when wet 
and heavy and so give easier access to plants by diseases in soil..  

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David Tannen wrote:

> While a 2' deep, double dug bed may be ideal the important thing is 
> loose soil to any depth.while developing this ideal.  One of the 
> pragmatic reasons for the close plant spacing promoted by JJ is for 
> the leaves of the tomatoes to shade out weeds.  I have successfully 
> used these plant spacing on beds that are nowhere close to a minimum 
> 2' depth.
> David
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>> >John Jeavons of Bountiful Gardens in the book How to Grow More 
>> Vegetables >Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can 
>> Imagine charts
>>> spacing for cherry tomatoes on raised beds at 18", regular tomatoes 
>>> at 21" and large tomatoes at 24".
>> It's important to note that JJ is speaking of a minimum 2ft deep 
>> raised bed and not the 4-6 inch bed many bed shapers give us. -Allan
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