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robert schuler sunnfarm at bellatlantic.net
Mon May 23 10:17:13 EDT 2005

Tom when you use tall stakes over 6 ft tall the usual method of weaving on
short stakes with pvc arm extensions won't work, this is where wood stakes
come in handy because you can staple the twine to the stake instead of doing
a wrap around.
I solved the problem of rows blowing down almost always during heavy rains
with wind by using criss cross braces every 50ft or less along the rows. They
work most of the time or a least prevent a total blow down. If you use a
pneumatic driver where you can easily go 12" deep or more there is much less
of a problem with blow overs... Bob
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

Tom at Limerock wrote:

> Toni,
> What do you use for stakes with when you Florida-weave and what length?
> In the past only once (luckily) did we loose to wind about 250' of
> indeterminates that were woven on 54" wooden stakes.
> Tom
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> Hi,
>    I grow quite a few specialty tomatoes.......heirlooms/indeterminate
> mostly.  There is no way the wooden tomato stakes would hold up my 5'-8'
> plants - even without any wind or sodden soil from rains.  For us, it's
> large remesh cages, cattle panels, t-posts, or Florida-weave only.  The
> few determinate pastes we grow will work well with stakes or small tomato
> cages staked.
> Good Luck!
> Toni
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