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Tom at Limerock limerock at thirdplanet.net
Mon May 23 07:14:58 EDT 2005


Since our tomatoes are in two small patches, (only +/- 1200 tomatoes) it is 
easy to put in a row of one then another.  When combining varieties in a 
row, I make sure they are very different (Paul Robeson next to Sun Gold or 
Snow White, etc).  That, and I like to leave crosswalks every two flats (96 
plants).   The paper layout and physical plant layout, can be a bit time 
consuming and of course never works out 100%.  We planted Sat and I noticed 
that one helper was finishing a small block of sun gold with black cherrys. 
At least I will be able to tell them apart.

Another help is to take the plastic marker and stick it in at the first 
plant.  When you finish the flat, put the other marker with the last plant. 
(Our grower always puts an extra name marker inbetween the flat and the 
cells, incase the upper marker gets lost).  Later, I stick the markers 
behind one of the twine wraps on the end stake so it is easier to see.

Hope some of this helps.

Catawba Island, Ohio
(where we had hail last night around 4am)

Regards to the list:

This year, we're growing more heirlooms than ever before.  I appreciate
the information about tomato stakes for them.  Usually, all our tomatoes
go in one big field.  When we plant all we have of one variety, we
finish the row with another and on and on.  With heirlooms, should we
plant them in blocks instead of rows along with all the others or what?
Any comments from heirloom growers would be appreciated.

Marie in Missouri 

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