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I am not Errol, but I think what he was referring to is frequently called a
"handyman" or "Highlift" jack. It is usually about 4 feet tall (or more) and
is very heavy duty. At my local farm store they sell an accessory for it
called a post puller. It is a very heavy piece of metal about 4" x 7-8" with
two "D" shaped holes in it with the flats of the "D's" along the 4" side.
You put one of the openings over your t-post and slide it down fairly low
and then the lifting nose of the jack is put into the other opening and you
jack the t-post out of the ground. I have pulled t-posts that were very deep
in the ground by myself with the use of that clever little tool and my
handyman jack. It only takes a few seconds and beats the heck out of trying
to wiggle and/or dig them out. There are pictures here:



Southern Idaho, USDA Zone 5



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Just what is a 'farm jack?'  




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It's probably freaking out passersby, but I have some 10' rebar pounded
about two feet into the ground for tomatoes. (A farm jack makes pulling them
out pretty pain-free.) Last year I grew some cherry tomatoes that kept
growing well past my 5' rebar sticking 4' out of the ground. Eventually they
flopped over into the middle, making them much harder to pick and exposing
them to soil-based disease, so this year we'll see what happens with a much
higher trellising system.

Not that I'm recommending anyone else go to this much trouble...

Oxford, Mississippi
Zone 7

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