[Market-farming] RE: Pole Beans and Tomato Stakes

Stephanie Nosacek breezynosacek at hotmail.com
Sat May 21 09:32:19 EDT 2005

People that use fencing tend to plant their plants closer together because 
the fencing can support it. Don't really know if it is better or not. A lot 
of people in VA use fencing instead of stakes. I don't know if it gives them 
better/more tomatoes or not. Might be that there are so many farmers using 
fencing it is cheaper and easier to use because they can recycle the 

This is the first year I'll be trying it. I had thought it better than 
creating cages.

I'm using both methods this year. I had some tomato stakes we got from a 
furniture factory.

You can't go tie up more then one tomato to a stake unless that stake is 
pretty large and the stakes eventually go bad. The fencing allows you to 
plant both sides. You leave it in the ground all winter.

Those are just the pros and cons that I can think of.


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