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Thu May 19 19:39:41 EDT 2005

Or better yet,
You can go to Home Despot and let them cut it for you...first two cuts are
free,after that 25 cents a cut. I'm sure other home centers also offer free
cuts. No need to buy torches,or shears or new blades for that cutting. Let
them waste their own blades. And save your equipment...also easier to

Barb NM

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On 5/19/2005 at 6:27 PM Chuck wrote:

>Definitely buy in the longer lengths if you can, rebar IS considerably
>expensive that way.  If you have a cutting torch, that works very well for
>cutting rebar also..
>SW Missouri
>> If your going to use rebar don't waste your money at a hardware store
>> buying precut 10ft lengths. Go to a building supply and get  20ft
>> lengths used in commercial construction they are much cheaper. 3/8 thick
>> works best and its much easier to handle. You will need a chop saw to
>> cut them, angle grinders are too slow and sawalls will cost more in
>> blades than its worth. The best cutter is a shears, the hand operated
>> type with a 5ft lever they cost around $350-450 but cut rebar as easy as
>> pruning a fruit tree branch with a lops. Definitely a winter project...
>> Bob.
>> Sunny Meadow Farm
>> Bridgeton, NJ.
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