[Market-farming] Pole Beans

Janet Bachmann janetb at ncat.org
Wed May 18 17:52:12 EDT 2005

One of my aunts, who lived in Birmingham, Alabama, grew pole beans on 
strings.  She had a wire strung between posts sort of like a clothes 
line, then had strings running down from that.  I think the strings must 
have been tacked to the ground next to the bean rows.  Or you could go 
find somebody that doesn't mind parting with some river cane!
Janet Bachmann
Also Fayetteville, AR

Teresa Kohut wrote:

> Any recomendations of how to string up the most amount of poles beans 
> possible with limited funds? I heard they grow the best up strings. 
> Anyone have any ideas?
> Teresa Kohut
> Fayetteville, AR
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