[Market-farming] speaking of mulch

mmaysen mmaysen at alltel.net
Wed May 18 15:59:51 EDT 2005

Thanks for the response.  Yes, my herb garden area that I need to mulch
is only about 1/2 to 3/4 acre in size.
You mention leaves. For future planning ...  most are oak leaves (pin,
burr) with some maple. (The rest of the trees are
evergreens/coniferous.)  I had thought the oak leaves might be too
'strong', for lack of a better term, to use as mulch.  Do you think they
can be used after being in a bin for a year, or two, or ?  They don't
seem to break down much in that period of time.
thanks again,

--It sounds like garden beds on a smaller-scale.
--Just get regular straw bales from your local
--garden center or farmers coop.    A few
--bales or a half dozen bales take care of all
--your beds.
--The wheat berries may sprout but it's
--not that much work to keep them thinned.
--Sometimes a few wheat seedlings growing
--amongst your vegetables and herbs is
--pretty, and won't cause significant
--Fyi, it sounds like you have plenty of trees.
--Autumn leaves stacked for a long period in a wire
--cage "leaf corral" decompose into various stages
--of leaf mould and make an excellent mulch for
--garden beds.
--Steve Diver

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