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mmaysen mmaysen at alltel.net
Tue May 17 21:58:51 EDT 2005

So, are you saying I should look for "winter rye hay" ?  Or is there a
better alternative since I cannot grow my own?  (I'm not going to
convert 40 acres of landscaped yard and running trails into a hay
field.)  And plastic won't work as I'm trying to mulch shallot and herb

What do I look for when buying "hay"? 

The last few years we have been planting winter rye in the fall and this
time of year wehn it is about 18" to 2' tall I cut it and bale it in big
round bales.  Next year or next spring I will grind it with a tub
grinder and use it for mulch around the farm.  Want to cut it before it
starts to head out.  Our grinder cuts it into little pieces about 1"
long.  Clean hay will work the same as the rye.  I prefer to grow my own
mulch, when you buy, it is usually someones junk hay they can't use to
feed because of mold or weeds that is in the hay.


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