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Steph (and others)

What type of fencing are you using for your tomatoes?  

Does this method work well?  

What are the pro's and con's of fence versus stake & twine weave?



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I prayed for fencing and poles.

Went to a dumpster and found  a nice peice of old fencing about 95' long x 
about 5 foot high. Needed  posts, found an old swingset. We took the 
swingset posts and drilled holes in them and used some old wire to tie the 
fencing to it. The posts were beat into the ground with a sledge hammer.

We have 3 sections of bean fencing. Should be a nice crop.

For tomaotoes, we are doing the same thing except using bed frame rails 
pouded into the ground.

Go curb diving or go to your local landfill if there are not a lot of 
dumpsters in your area. The bedrails are prolific.


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