[Market-farming] Pole Beans

TxBeeFarmer TxBeeFarmer at HotPop.com
Tue May 17 09:36:57 EDT 2005

Hello Teresa,

Although I've never done this before, my plan is to plant field corn for the
beans to climb on.  Will have to plant the corn first to give it a head
start.  The corn will be on the beds while the beans will be in the
furrows - the rows are set on 36 inch centers.  That'll mean moving the
planters over when it comes time to plant the beans.  Thought it might work
better if the corn is planted every other bed and beans every other furrow.
This'll leave a furrow next to each row of corn to walk down.  One question
though, how close do the beans need to be to the corn?  In the way just
described, the beans will be 18 inches away from the corn.  Also, what's a
good spacing between bean plants?  1ft. too much?

Mark (West Texas Zone 7b)

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From: "Teresa Kohut"

> Any recomendations of how to string up the most amount of poles beans
> possible with limited funds? I heard they grow the best up strings. Anyone
> have any ideas?
> Teresa Kohut
> Fayetteville, AR

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