[Market-farming] speaking of mulch

herbthyme at simcon.net herbthyme at simcon.net
Mon May 16 12:27:18 EDT 2005

I used old hay last year.  my neighbor gave me 3 big round bales that were spoiled and their horses could not eat it.  So, I gladly took it and then bought some little bales that were old for $1.00 each to finish off the garden.  I was told not to use that becuase it will germinate.  Well, some of it did, but I just turned it over with the pitch fork and that was all there was too it.  And it germintated lightly also.  It was worth the money and the time.  Any weed that did make it through, was so easy to pull, and there were not many at all.  Only around the plants where the mulch was not thick enough.  I put it down at least 6" deep because I have such a bad weed problem in the garden.  First year to try it and I will never NOT do it again!  It was so nice to walk on and was not muddy with lots of rain.  LOVED IT!  Plus the weeds will hopefully be less this year.

Herb Thyme
Middlefield, Oh

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