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Mike Emers rosie-ck at mosquitonet.com
Mon May 16 10:29:03 EDT 2005

Hi Mark

You should get a hold of back issues of Growing for Market.   Pam and
Frank  Arnosky (Texas Specialty Cut Flowers in Blanco)have a monthly
column on cut flowers.  They grow in the Texas Hill Country and I'm sure
they're columns will help you out quite a bit.  We visited their farm a
couple of years ago and were quite impressed.  GFM also has out together
a compilation of their articles into a book.  Also, Lynn Byczynski
(editor of GFM) has a great book - The Flower Farmer - which is a must
read for beginning cut flower growers - she grows in Kansas.  Acre per
acre you will make more $ on cut flowers and also spend the most labor
of any of your crops.  After 8 years we are finally getting the hang of
it.  Best of Luck!

Mike Emers
Rosie Creek Farm
Ester, Alaska

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I'm wondering if anyone here grows cut flowers?  Have never done it
but thought it might be worth a try.  If there are flower growers here,
suggestions for a beginner to try here in dry west Texas?

Mark (West Texas Zone 7b)

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