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      Roundup is a great tool for weed suppression. It is best used in
the fall when the perennial plants can take the herbicide down into the
roots. I had some great suppression of a curly dock infested field using
a broadcast of generic roundup last fall. 
	That being said you need to make sure and plant a crop or cover
crop in the spring. Otherwise you let mother nature take over. Roundup
just kills living plants, it does nothing for the seeds that exist in
the "seed bank" of all soils. 
	I hear you can get similar weed suppression if you cultivate and
overseed with a vigorous cover crop. Anyone had success doing that with
rhizomous persistent weeds?  

 but it is only one of the tools to consider when developing an overall
Integrated Pest Management strategy. 
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When I moved here 5 years ago there was a large stand of Japanese 
Knotwood...didn't know what it was at the time and left it alone.
within two years the stand had doubled in size to about 50 x 80 feet,
appeared to keep spreading and was taking over my garden.  I brush
hogged it 
down, and dug some of the rhizomes, but quickly discovered that was an 
impossible job.  So, organic concerns aside, I began spraying with a
that I got at the feed store with the active ingredient glyphosate,
the same ingredient is in Roundup.  3 years later I have a few
but overall, I believe I am finally winning the battle.  However now,
horsetail is taking over....will it ever end??

Western WA 

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