[Market-farming] Mice and ants

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Fri May 13 23:55:00 EDT 2005


Traps baited with CHUNKY (not smooth) peanut butter finally worked for me. 
I caught 5 last week and the damage seems to have stopped (knock on wood!). 
Victor makes some great plastic traps which you bait on the inside of the 
top plate and also a small amount on the spring plate.  A friend of mine 
swore by bubble gum but these guys did not buy it.  I was lucky to have 
figured out the area they were nesting in and setting two traps nearby.
> Nor did those sonic plug in
> devices.  We even tried suspending trays from the middle of the greenhouse
> ceiling and mice still got to the flats.


Unless you are hard-core certified organic I say go with Amdro for the fire 
ants...my husband is dEadly allergic to them and this is the only thing that 
really works.
> Now I am trialing Garden's Alive "Bull's Eye" bioinsecticide for fire ants
> in the greenhouse pots and in the flooring.  So far not impressed, but 
> maybe
> someone else has had success.......will keep dosing the ant hills every
> week...maybe that is what it takes...

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