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Fri May 13 21:48:01 EDT 2005

Hey Matt,  Good luck with the move!  I am just now getting into the piece of land I picked up.  Today I had a couple of tree trimmers there that I know helping me out.  We got about half the growth down to where we can now see that there is dirt down there!  I was digging out the covered over irrigation canal outlet pipes and found a huge earthworm colony!  I was jumping for joy at this and all the rich soil I was finding!  Picture a plump 47 year old dancing around over a bunch of worms!  The former owners had horses on the property and the soil is fabulous, they also had some kind of fixation with barbed wire.  They nailed the stuff up everywhere.  I was removing huge stretches of it today so I can replace it with chain link.  I look like someone beat me with a cactus!  I think I found every barb.  Let me know if you need a hand, any excuse to get down south will be welcomed immensly.  We are supposed to hit triple digits tommorow here in Phoenix.  I hope you get this message the posts I have made lately never seem to get past the mediator.  I can bring my BCS walk behind tractor and the rototiller attachment and we can have a " soil breaking party "!  My appologies to all the others on the list for this personal message, I lost your e-mail address and have been wanting to touch base with you.  Joe ( Donkey Hoty farm ) Phoenix, Az
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